Surgical Robotic Navigation

Surgical Robotic Navigation

Our surgical robotic navigation system here at Axis Spine Center has permitted us to provide minimally invasive spine surgery and optimize your care through utilizing navigation and robotics as a single technology.

This technology provides several critical benefits to patients, including allowing surgical instruments and screws to be aligned precisely with your surgeon’s plan, real-time visualization of instrument positioning, and imaging compatibility that enables much greater accuracy.


With other kinds of image-guided surgical procedures, the surgeon is required to look back-and-forth between the image and the patient. This naturally increases the likelihood of small imperfections with screw placement. With surgical robotic navigation, a CT scan of the patient is provided in real-time. This enables much more accurate work and for the surgeon to have the robot arm for a precise location.


The robot we use is connected to a camera that can read the landmarks of a patient, which means that the robot can process what the camera views using the CT image in real-time. The robot can also change position if the patient moves, to ensure that the screw placement and surgical instruments will be placed precisely.



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