Motion Preservation

Motion Preservation

Spinal fusion is a surgery used to permanently connect several vertebrae in your spine and eliminate any motion between them. We’ve found that this isn’t necessary for most surgical interventions unless there is troubling instability or severe degeneration present. We believe in motion preservation when necessary.

Despite previously held beliefs by many, fusion is not necessary for most surgical interventions. While spinal fusion focuses on removing space from between vertebrae and eliminating the possibility of movement between them, nerve decompression preserves spinal motion and helps protect adjacent spinal segments. More often than in spinal fusion, patients respond favorably to surgical intervention that focuses on correcting the compression of the nervous structure through less drastic means. 

Axis Spine Center is very proud to be one of the only practices in the country performing these types of procedures. We employ a variety of interventions that are proven to effectively decompress nervous tissue. Among others, these interventions may include:

  •     Cervical disc replacement
  •     Lumbar disc replacement 
  •     Cervical laminoplasty 
  •     Decompressive lumbar laminectomy

We’ll work with you to determine which method will be most effective for your needs, the severity of your disc compression, and other individual factors. Fusion should only be performed in cases of instability or severe degeneration, where simpler methods would not be sufficient.


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