Back & Joint Optimization

BacK & Joint Optimization

Overall Spine and Joint health can look different for each of us. We have your best interest at the forefront of what we do. From weight management, to nicotine cessation or osteoporosis management we want to improve your health first and foremost.

Preoperative Optimization

It is imperative to us that you have the best outcome possible with whatever your surgery may be. There is a great deal of data that says that making improvements in your weight, improving blood sugars, improving sleep apnea, fragile bones, lowering doses of narcotic pain medications, and improving mobility can improve your outcome from surgery. We work with you and your surgeon to develop a plan to optimize your health before and after surgery.

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Medical Weight Loss & Nutritional counseling

Weight loss information is vast, sometimes misleading, and more often expensive. Dr. Jameson is board certified in Obesity Medicine. She and her team are committed to staying connected to the latest research and data on weight loss. Our team members include Precision Nutrition certified practitioners, exercise physiologists, health coaches and more. We focus on the four pillars of healthy weight: nutrition, physical activity, behavior, and medications to help our clients reach their goals.

Osteoporosis Management

Osteoporosis fractures of the spine and other bones come with many consequences and problems. They can lead to serious morbidity. Osteoporosis often has no clinical manifestations until there is a fracture. However, low bone density can be identified on a body X-Ray called a DEXA scan. Oftentimes, a surgeon will obtain a DEXA scan before surgery. Improving bone density and preventing further bone loss is imperative to longevity and healthy living. We can help with this!

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Nicotine cessation

Research has shown that, compared to nonsmokers, smokers have a higher chance of surgery-related complications such as heart attack, stroke and even death. This is in addition to the wound healing problems that can develop. Smoking creates numerous other health related conditions including heart disease, COPD, and lung cancer as well. Data shows us that the more times someone attempts to quit, the higher their chances of success. We are committed to your success. Let us help you quit smoking.

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