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By receiving care from spine specialists within multiple fields, the diagnosis and treatment process is less likely to become biased or limited. Multidisciplinary care involves a team of specialists that pool together their expertise for the greatest benefit of the patient. Surgery is reserved as the last resort. As a patient, instead of being limited to one medical specialty, you can benefit from the combined expertise of many physicians.

A natural byproduct of aging is the loss of resiliency in spinal discs and a greater tendency for them to herniate, especially when placed under a weighty load, like when we lift heavy objects. Additionally, some people have a family history of degenerative disc disease, which increases their own risk of developing it. When a natural disc herniates or becomes badly degenerated, it loses its shock-absorbing ability, which can narrow the space between vertebrae.

Lying in bed causes muscles to weaken, which slows recovery. Even though activity may be uncomfortable or hurt a bit, this doesn’t mean that it’s worsening your condition. It is actually building strength in the muscles surrounding the vertebrae. This can help achieve a full return to activity. Regardless, studies have shown again and again that activity leads to a quicker return to work.

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